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I couldn't stop thinking about this in the middle of a creative process.


The generation of millennials, has experienced very strong changes and new, intense awareness in their lives.
Unlike the current Generation Z, millennials have had to develop an adaptation to an imbalance of certainties, such as family, work and trust in institutions.
Certainties that represented pillars and saving points for the previous generations.
[ Don't get me wrong, we're not talking about right certainties or wrong certainties here. But it is well known that every change can be followed by a crisis of adaptation. ]

The very rapid development of technologies has brought new questions and new approaches to the personal and social life of the individual. 

Suddenly connections are more than doubled, bringing new possibilities, but also some imbalances. Certainly becoming aware of one's own vulnerabilities is not an easy process, but I believe it will be good thing to at least stay informed about how the media food we eat works and how our mind reacts to it.
We are in the time of Ultra Stimulation. Information gets faster and faster, and data collection leads AI to grow rapidly. For some of us this process was almost scary.

The discontent within the art world was felt when AI ALMOST replaced visual, graphic, musical and aesthetic art, and when the algorithm, within a social media , offers content without any legal protection for the author.

But maybe things can change. Education (not only in business topics, but also on the psychological effects that social-media platforms have on users brains) could potentially help us to approach these tools in a healthier way. This education should be free. And for everyone. Let's think about AI like a little child, just like in the movie THE CREATOR (2023). How do we educate this little entity? Again, the problem is not AI itself. The question should be "With how much and what kind of awareness are we feeding our creations?"

What currently differentiates me from you, you from others and us from artificial intelligence is the lived experience, through which we implement a conversion process, according to our personal experience. From here comes the authenticity of the story and language according to our personal experience.
This can take visual, verbal and musical form.
It has nothing to do with aesthetics and the market.
Here we talk about authenticity. Even not aesthetic. And a positive aspect of our time is that new horizons and new awarenesses inherent to solidarity, diversity and therefore equality, aesthetic canons and new ethical solutions are now emerging in a society that tries to feed the void with new answers.


The discontent communicated by graphic designers and musicians in 2023, in the face of the development of AI, has led us to reflect on all our vulnerabilities as artists.

The ARTIST is the one who feels and converts. He is the alchemist of harmony, through the story. He often immerses himself in the experience, feels the world and brings it to the surface. It is an inevitable consequence, that the word ART has lost its profound meaning, once placed alongside the market. But ART is originally a process of response to a void. There is a pure human elaboration that is based on intimate data of experience.

The EXECUTOR  is the one who processes what has already been brought to the surface.


There is no artist who is not executor and there is no executor who is not artist. Each of us holds both natures, even in different ways. The difference in this case is the ability to feel the experience and translate it. The more you dive, the more light you bring to the surface.


Digital platforms are the food of AI. We are aware of this, yes? The data circulating within it is also aimed at refining the sensitivity of future robots. (Have you seen Tesla's new Bumblebee? I find him adorable.) So here is the difference between man and machine: The Experience. As well as plagiarism.
The true essence is in the original idea. In experience, in exchange and in life outside the screens. I am convinced that AI will develop faster and faster. And this will be a great opportunity for us to delve into ourselves without the weight of the trend and the market. We can choose.

That will most likely be playable. Surely the institutions will have to help us regain trust in an ethical legal and educational system that adapts to our times and that lays solid foundations in human and technological relationships.

Technology is created by Humans. We got here through a process of millennia, as far as we know.
Could there be progress, perhaps, in the growth of awareness?
From this moment on it will be fundamental to ask ourselves: What are the consequences of my creation on the entire community? Does this creation protect the mental and physical health of the user? How can we address possible problems?

Maybe we are not so different from AI after all. Maybe our minds are artificial too. (This is confirmed by our adaptation to nature, for which we tend to compromise its normal balance, to occupy the planet with physical matter )
In fact, if the questions before supposed to be How can human creation collaborate with nature? , today we must also ask ourselves: How can human creation collaborate, in as much harmony as possible, with technology?. These are fundamental questions that should have been asked well before taking certain directions. But let's stay on this point for now.

ADVICE (not requested) TO ARTISTS
Refine the antenna. Observe yourself in your paths, in your emotions, in your bodies, in the eyes of others and in what surrounds you. By accepting yourself. Investigate your journey based on what you love and what is part of your life. Investigate the senses and describe the path that goes from you first to what you are. Investigate the world by experiencing it with your own eyes. Without ever comparing yourself to anyone. Protect your works, knowing that today, compared to previous years, we have assimilated new awareness and that large companies have much more responsibility towards copyright.

Always remember the source. So that those who look for a manifestation will know where to find  it in that specific, accurate answer. Which is unique, not for everyone, because not everyone could take it and understand it.
But someone out there is looking for it and somehow hopes to find a work that will fill that void. Even before being a market, Art is care, culture and response.

May this technological progress help you rediscover your uniqueness, even more accurately.
Let these apparent challenges actually be a way to extend the muscle at the right times.

Focus on quality and integrity. 
AI can be a friend. 

And do not compare yourself with others.
Instead, play with your unicity, tell your story. 
You'll never fall behind on your true path and what truly belongs to you. 
Past is origin.
Present is life.
The future is Artwork. 


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