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reflections and proposals 2023

My upcoming music and visual projects find Their origin into these reflections and collaborations with independent artists feeling the topic. will be a sensorial invitation for people to embrace reality. stay tuned!



Spring 2020. Middle of Pandemic. In a moment where we found ourself self-isolating in our homes, the only two ways to reach the outside were: daily walks and and the bright screens of our devices.

It was a moment of reflection and mixed feelings that took me to read more and more about psychology and social media as I have noticed my mental health and the one of people I love was getting affected. Soon this topic inspired my art through illustrations and music.

Before I start, let me clarify a point: this reflection is not based on a conservative mindset, instead, wants to preserve what so far has been builded  with a more ethical understanding and a fair community behaviour.

The solution could be a LEGISLATIVE SOCIAL PROPOSAL that shapes SOCIAL and BUSINESS media with a deeper consideration of ethics,  education,  safety, human vulnerabilities and mental health, copyright and intellectual ownership. (These are just a few, surely we can always dig deeper)

Social media represent an important, if not essential, part of our lives. It shaped the way we live and experience interaction, connection and business. Although let's remember we are humans with animal instincts and characteristics, not robots. Being as such, we might considerate thinking about a plan that divide social media and business media. 
Its proven that people and so popular figures as artists often find themselves in need to have a break from social media. It's not just about the overwhelming responsibility to constantly be present, but also the way how human vulnerabilities are compromised into this system without enough boundaries. As social media is still a business machine and gains strength from human emotions. It's a fact.

Constructively it brings: Connection, Visibility, Inspiration, Community, Information and Updates, helps businesses.

Between itscons we find: Addiction, Mental breakdowns, Depression, Anxiety and an uncontrolled detachment from reality. 

The way social media is structured could be reviewed and shaped to preserve mental health and not into a a strategy inspired by Pavlov experimenting dogs behaviour in its theory. 
Might be too harsh to say. It was a great theory. Now to really progress we might need to shape that theory into  a heftier way of using social media in order to be less addictive and more enjoyable. 

What kind of quality and authenticity of the contents the web brings is just one of the many issues it is worth to reflect about. This is why an EDUCATION PLAN for kids and adults could be taken into consideration. 


Another point we might want to introduce in our real society and community is an EDUCATIONAL PLAN for young and elder people. This will also create new roles and job opportunities. Teachers could investigate the topic and teach how to better and safely engage with social media. In a way that we are able to control the tool and not the or the other way around.Psychologist could find a new way of incomes and give extra services so to provide more services and make the costs of Theraphy more suitable for the people in need. 



Luckily so far we responded quickly and efficiently to problems like cyber bulling, sexual harassment, racism and offensive/destructive behaviours. 
What we can do more? And how we teach the community to contribute making social media a a safe and healthy environment. 


Social Media like META are builded to keep you in as much time as possible. 
When I talk about human vulnerabilities I mainly refer to the need of a human being (animal) to take part of a community. The need to feel accepted, seen and loved. Many young people are in distress. Psychologist could work with Lawyers to determinate standards on how to build more ethical web platforms. Not in a way that overwhelm the mind but, instead, in a way that supports social activities and still business activities (in their respective ways as they are two different things). I know is sound difficult. But we can get there, we are humans and we've been gifted with practical and emotional intelligence. We are also able to find more than 1 solution. Professionals, artists, parents and hermits should put their energy together if they believe in this.

I get it, feeding the algorithm could potentially lead one day to more progress in tech. A Robot could potentially be my flatmate, just like in Futurama. I wouldn't mind his company. But still we need to make laws that protect and preserve the main source of development: HUMANS. Once we  established the boundaries we can move on with the progress at best. 


All social media platform should promote authenticity and work in line with copyright laws in order to filter contents. Powerful companies don't do so. 
Artists are seeing themselves substitute by AI.( Read about what Nick Cave wrote on a song created with his style by AI.) We can keep feeding the algorithm, but before that, again, we need ethical laws that protect artists, professionals and intellectuals within their authenticity.

Behind any piece of art there is a deep work that goes from a human vision to e release. Are we seriously not paying artist of a 2to10 seconds reproduction of their work appearing on a reel? Lawyers and entities above   big companies should build these boundaries and share the bread fairly within the community. The genial idea is full of authentic, unique life and experience. And this is the key to bring something special and that makes a difference from one intelligence to another.


Who do we need to speak with?  


AI-AI doesn't exist. This is just a simulation I created to give AI silly questions. 

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