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My relationship with music started since young age.
I fell in love with electronic music in 1994.

I took part in different bands and projects in my hometown and in London, discovering different styles, including
blues, jazz, indie, rock, and alternative electronic.


I create acoustic and electronic music. Shades of indie and a sprinkle of jazz. In 2022 I released a sound design project track for the site specific "Di Terra e di Cielo" directed by Marina Cuccus.
From that moment I started a new and deeper research into sounds, vocals and senses. 

SaScena - Trim to Blossom ft. Seasons: see article

Nemesis Magazine - NOSTROMO ft. Old Sparky: read article



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Illustration, and photos have been a tool for the soul to express and heal inner pain and discomfort since young age. The experience has always been above the shape itself. I had few illustrative projects (you might find me as Damon Shapeless, Giulia Shapeless, Giulia Esse).

My characters have changed their shapes numerous times. 
The current project is about a big, white girl with black hair who travels through an abstract black universe, longing for light and deep connections.

I took part to urban projects painting murals, and I illustrate for Yanez magazine and their space dedicated to reading advices, 9Righe .

gARTbage/2017: see article
YanezMagazine/2020: see page
LRB CAKE SHOP/2020: see post


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What I create is mostly entred on two subjects: love, our relationship with nature and human connections, dreams and memories.

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