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'The Fool' has been written during a reflection on virtuality, social media, and vulnerability in human beings.It's not just about the need to embrace reality again. It's an invite for all of us to reflect on how social media can change our life considering the human aspect of it, as much as possible.

CONNECTION, INFORMATION, ETHICAL CAUSES (humanitarian, animalistic, environmentalist) are probably the best aspects this tool can give us. But since there are not efficient laws to protect us, (humans, not machines) social media can turn into a nightmare on hands of the capitalistic system. Where we are nothing more but numbers that make numbers. 
So there's no protection from cyberbully , fake news. Everyone can say everything and not always this can be good for someone (even right now I know I'm aware I might offend someone by say what I'm saying, who knows?). We are killing the purity spirituality. And partially, (cause I am sure there’s plenty of good intentions here) we are exploiting ethical causes to make numbers, profit and take part of stats.

I know sounds scary. But it's happening.

It's not completely our fault. It's a design made up to keep us in. Giving us the illusion that we can say, be, have and do everything. But the only thing that we have is the addiction and the social pressure to do not be cut off of a system.

We are humans, animals and we want to be part of a system.
But is also true that we are part of an extremely competitive society.
Is this bringing us wellness? My personal opinion (and I know I'm not the only one in this) 
his system doesn’t have nothing to do with being human. 

Authors like Sinan Aral, Richard Seymour, and Jaron Lanier have already faced the topic.
J.Lanier invites us to be -more like cats than dogs- on his book "Ten arguments for deleting your social media account right now".

Other authors invites us on being more aware and educated about social networking.

"We are everyday robots on our phones, in the process of getting old..looking like standing stones", sings Damon Albarn on his album Everyday Robots.

THE PROBLEM IS REAL. And by thinking that social media is a useful tool we should always consider what we're dropping into the box and we need to be aware that this design has nothing to do with our real nature..

I can't leave you without solutions after all of this, I know it might sound heavy but here are some conclusions I came up with after getting informed. I'm sure that someone else is investigating through this topic  and this is amazing. I'm in the process of education. Mine is an invite to reflect. These are seeds. Not mine. Of many others. and these are tips from someone in the process:

-Educate yourself. Get informed. Start thinking about a proposal for a better-designed system and laws on the virtual world.
-Spend more time with family, kids, friends. Embrace reality. And spend time in nature as much as you can. 

Thanks for reading and have a good listening.





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